We are an espresso + Slow Bar

Second Best Coffee is an espresso-centric slow bar located in the Waldo neighborhood of South Kansas City. We brew everything by the cup using Clever Drippers or as shots through Kansas City's first Slayer Espresso Machine. Our beautifully crafted shop is at 328 w. 85th street | Kansas City, Missouri 64114.


The Name

Second Best Coffee, at its core, is a commitment to relentless improvement. Coffee is our passion, and we cannot imagine a day where we do not learn something new. We tinker and talk, research and read; absorbing anything and everything we can. Whether we're excited about the intricacies of coffee production in Costa Rica, working on a new roast profile, or tweaking our extraction parameters, we are constantly figuring out ways to translate new knowledge into better daily practices. Second Best is not a self-deprecation, but a way for us to acknowledge and pledge that tomorrow's coffee will clearly make today's Second Best. 


Meet The Crew

We see coffee as more than a beverage. Every bean we roast and every cup we serve is a chance to enrich moments and create community. This would not be possible without our staff. These people are the best, and we want to take a moment to point out that they are the core of what makes Second Best Coffee.


Phil Hall


Josh Willis


Keeyoung Kim


Gentry Houston


Stephanie Spurgeon


Leia & Nathan Anderson



Upcoming Events

We do stuff! It’s fun! You should come. Tell your friends, or make some new ones.