Seeing the beginning of our dinner program come to life was a really special evening.  We have a passion for food that we wanted to further incorporate into our shop.  Second Best by no means has a full kitchen, so problem solving a seated dinner was a challenge in itself.  It was fun to create a menu with limited equipment and space.  Even more so, it was incredible to transform the space of the shop for an evening, for five courses. 

Course 1:

roasted cauliflower soup, finished with goat cheese, garnished with beet micro greens

Course 2:

endive. arugula. radicchio. pear. gorgonzola. tarragon vinaigrette

Course 3:

halibut. roasted fennel. rich vegetable broth. greens

Course 4:

beef tenderloin. root vegetable pave'. béarnaise. beet powder

Course 5:

apple tart. maple ice cream

Final Bites:

peanut butter truffles. chocolate almond macaroons. smoked chocolate chip cookies

We are successful in growing in large part due to our staff.  They are a group of hard working, hospitable, creative people.  They arrive evenings like this trusting that they will receive the guidance and tools necessary, and are always willing to try out new ideas and concepts.  They collaborate well and support one another.  These people are a huge part of what makes Second Best work.   

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photo credit Nick Welch

Nathan Anderson